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Volume 39 (Spring/Printemps 1997) 'Cowering Women, Combative Men?': Femininity, Masculinity, and Ethnicity on Strike in Two Southern Ontario Towns, 1964-1966 Abstract   PDF
Robert A. Ventresca
Volume 31 (Spring/Printemps 1993) 'Fort Frick' and the Amalgamated: The Homestead Lockout of 1892 in Historical Perspective Details   PDF
John N. Ingham
Volume 24 (Fall/Automne 1989) 'In Search Of The Unbound Prometheia': A Comparative View Of Women's Activism in Two Quebec Industries, 1869-1908 Abstract   PDF
Jacques Ferland
Volume 42 (Fall/Automne 1998) 'Not a Sex Question'? The One Big Union and the Politics of Radical Manhood Abstract   PDF
Todd McCallum
Volume 27 (Spring/Printemps 1991) 'Rewarding Your Enemies, Punishing Your Friends': The Labour College Strike of 1983 Details   PDF
John Bullen
Volume 39 (Spring/Printemps 1997) 'Ruffled' Mistresses and 'Discontented' Maids: Respectability and the Case of Domestic Service, 1880-1914 Abstract   PDF
Magda Fahrni
Volume 25 (Spring/Printemps 1990) 'The Power of the Sack': The Cost of Job Loss in Canada, 1953-1985 Abstract   PDF
Hugh M. Grant, Frank Strain
Volume 25 (Spring/Printemps 1990) 'We always had things to do': The Paid and Unpaid Work of Anglophone Children Between the 1920s and the 1960s Abstract   PDF
Neil Sutherland
Volume 29 (Spring/Printemps 1992) 'We Are All Kin': Reconsidering Labour and Class in Calgary, 1919 Abstract   PDF
David Bright
Volume 13 (Spring/Printemps 1984) 1919: The Canadian Labour Revolt Abstract   PDF
Gregory S. Kealey
Volume 75 (Spring/Printemps 2015) Bomb Girls, Gender, and Working-Class History Details   PDF
Joan Sangster
Volume 75 (Spring/Printemps 2015) Bomb Girls: Introduction Details   PDF
Sean Cadigan
Volume 56 (Fall/Automne 2005) Robitnytsia, Ukrainian Communists, and the 'Porcupinism' Debate: Reassessing Ethnicity, Gender, and Class in Early Canadian Communism, 1922-1930 Abstract   PDF
Joan Sangster
Volume 74 (Fall/Automne 2014) A Scholarly Tribute to Bettina Bradbury, Feminist Historian of the Family: A Roundtable Discussion
Details   PDF
Magda Fahrni
Volume 73 (Spring/Printemps 2014) Concluding Commentaries
Identity Politics: Conservative Style
Details   PDF
Avigail Eisenberg
Volume 73 (Spring/Printemps 2014) Forum: History Under Harper
Details   PDF
P. E. Bryden, Matt James
Volume 72 (Fall/Automne 2013) Individual Statements on E.P. Thompson
Individual Statements on E.P. Thompson [Jesse Lemisch]
Details   PDF
Jesse Lemisch
Volume 72 (Fall/Automne 2013) Roundtable on E.P. Thompson’s The Making of the English Working Class at Fifty
Details   PDF
Bryan D. Palmer
Volume 74 (Fall/Automne 2014) A “Unique Experiment”: The Ontario Labour Court, 1943–1944 Details   PDF
Katherine Munro
Volume 58 (Fall/Automne 2006) A Battle Royal: Service Work Activism and the 1961-1962 Royal York Strike Abstract   PDF
Jeremy Milloy
Volume 48 (Fall/Automne 2001) A Canadian in Lowell: Labour, Manhood and Independence in the Early Industrial Era, 1840-1849 Details   PDF
Jack Little
Volume 63 (Spring/Printemps 2009) A Communist in the Council Chambers: Communist Municipal Politics, Ethnicity, and the Career of William Kolisnyk Abstract   PDF
Stefan Epp
Volume 35 (Spring/Printemps 1995) A Crate of Records is like a History Book Details   PDF
William Eric Perkins
Volume 16 (Fall/Automne 1985) A Death at Deer Lake: Catalyst of a Forgotten Newfoundland Work Stoppage, 1924 Details   PDF
Malcolm MacLeod
Volume 71 (Spring/Printemps 2013) A Definitive ‘And fookin’ Amen to that! Details   PDF
David Levine
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